All for the love of Twin Tails

What are Twin Tails? Best described in images!

Alternative (Twin Tails in Anime/Art)

   Twin Tails can come in all shapes and sizes. They are known around the world as many names, but will always remain the same.


   Anyone can just throw on some twin tails. However it takes someone great to live for twin tails, tirelessly fixing them up every day. Working endlessly on appearance and achieve perfection with twin tails is something only few have done.


    Some see twin tails as a childish hairstyle, but they are so wrong. Twin tails are not simply bound by age, not even gender. Even famous people such as Willie Nelson can pull off his braided twin tails. That means even an old grey headed guy can do it, so twin tails are not compelled to only childish females. They can be used at any age by anybody for any reason.


   Do not mistake it though, twin tails may be able to be done by anybody, but they are not for everybody. Twin tails are great in their own right, but that does not mean they look great on everyone. For some people, they, just are not made for twin tails. That does not mean they cannot wear or support them, it just means other styles are more fitting for them.

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